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Born in Seattle, Washington, Starr*’s journey, thus far, has been one of adventure as she delved into the mysteries of life which often incorporated many ethnographic studies. Having an innate spiritual bent, many of her adventures took place through religious and spiritual endeavors as she traveled as a pioneer. 


Whenever possible Starr¬ was able to put her many talents to use in building small community groups that functioned on many levels of spiritual and social needs. She was active not only in the organization of the community but also in its practical applications. Having multi-interests she would be involved in designing large conferences and seminars, media interfacing, adult and children’s education, speaking, and serving on many committees locally and nationally.


She had an interest in drama early on and took part in many plays from her formative education right through to University. This interest would often bubble over into the communities where she developed and put on many shows.


While delving into the divine mysteries Starr* became acquainted with the nineteenth century figure of Tahirih Qurratu’l-Ayn who Starr* believes breathed the Zeitgeist for the New Universal Age into the world. As such, in recent years, Starr*has authored the book “Tahirih Thealogy: Female Cosmic Christ Spirit of the Age Concealed No Longer”, wrote the lyrics for “We Are Female” and “Together We Will Fly” which she produced into an Album entitled “Kosmic Balance”. Also, She Wrote, Directed, and Produced her recent film entitled “Tahirih Divine Voice”.  


Aside from six years of University study in various fields, graduating from the American College of Natural Healing, Starr* has recently taken some courses from Film & Television Institute Inc in Fremantle, Western Australia to enhance her film making skills.


At present Starr* lives by the Indian Ocean in Western Australia and is looking forward to writing and making more films and working with others in the industry. Her main thrust is to bring Tahirih to the attention of those in a position to make an epic film about her true life story as a Messenger for this Age.


Address: P.O. Box 195, Scarborough, Western Australia 6922



The Tahirih Connection

I was born spiritually aware which set my life in motion to discover more of the mystical and esoteric Truths. As such whatever scripture or religious writings I came upon I would read it through the lens that would let me penetrate the hidden implications.

This natural disposition and desire for equality and justice provided an instant recognition of Tahirih Qurratu’l-Ayn when I first read about Her. I innately knew that She had a Divine Mission of changing the world, a Mission that began in the nineteenth century. I also innately knew that I was meant to continue Her Messages in this day, and thus I made my connection to Her known.

Often in gatherings I presented a one-woman play about Tahirih, which included Her removal of the chador covering her face and informing all that She prophesized that no matter how hard leaders tried to obscure Her Message they would never stop the emancipation of women. However, I found the fact that women do not hold equal positions in most religions’ Leadership was in direct opposition to the teachings and life example of Tahirih. Consequently I began a journey of researching Her life in more detail. Communication with Tahirih began and She would often inspire me and lead me to find the information I needed.

I discovered that what I had innately sensed about Tahirih was indeed true and She came into the world with Divine Authority to close the past and pave the way into a new Universal Cycle. According to The Bab and Her own declaration She was the carrier of the Word of God/ess (the animating Zeitgeist for transformation), and Her Essence operates on many levels: Point of Divine Knowledge; Maid of Heaven (Spirit which communicates the Revelation); Divine Teacher; Letter of the Living in Babism; Poet; Writer; Lyric and song composer, and Woman of the Day.

After studying Tahirih’s core teachings I honed in on the ones that are applicable to the needs of this Age and started bringing these teachings to light in a body of work I call Tahirih Thealogy. ‘TheAlogy” in this instance means “incorporating the Female lens in viewing and living life”. Without the Female lens being present equally as part of the Whole the entire world is out of balance. It is essential for progress to incorporate the Female wisdom, knowledge and Spirit equally in all matters (Two Wings).

As part of the Thealogy the “Tahirih Path” was created which has twenty points for assisting people on their personal spiritual journey and for creating the basis for an advancing civilization of harmony and balance now dawning.
This work has led to two editions of the book “Tahirih Thealogy Female Cosmic Christ Spirit of the Age”, “Tahirih Sacred Circle Guide Book”, Two Albums (“Kosmic Balance” and “Tahirih Alive!” which has Youtube video presentations); Film – “Tahirih Divine Voice”; Workshops, “Tahirih Sacred Circle Groups”, Radio and Television presentations, and internet sites about the work. Seminars and International Tours are scheduled for this year.

The appearance of Tahirih really opened the portal for humanity to be able to connect once again with their God/ess within, mighty and powerful. That is why She taught that the Secret Key of intuitive knowledge is the highest Truth. This is also why She taught that Revelation is in a continuous flow – so humanity would never be cut off from Source again. Humanity has now reached maturity and is responsible collectively and individually to know Source Consciousness within. The Fall of humankind is ending and the Ascension process is beginning. This means that harmony and balance will prevail. There once was the cycle of the matriarchy (goddesses) preceding the cycle of patriarchy now closing. Now is the time to begin the Cycle which has both male and female principles as One. Just as Tahirih Dreamed this new Zeitgeist for humankind from the invisible to the visible so must we, for we can all be Tahirih’s in this Day when our hearts are connected to Source.

The lives of the Bab and Tahirih, together, and independently show the Balance and perfect parity that is required in the individual and within society in order to create a lasting and harmonious peace. The upraising of women so as to be active in all aspects of governance and life on earth is essential for human progress. Tahirih says in one of her poems which is printed by the Iranian Burnt Books Foundation “With the power of Equality injustice will be evaporated”.
The Eternal Creating Spirit which shone in Tahirih inspires me so that Her Voice rings out again today, especially to inform humanity that peace is built on Equality which is built on Love. Even if people haven’t heard of Her I believe that folks world-wide are responding to the Spirit of Her Message which has been imprinted on their hearts, for this is the Greater Plan of Source. Tahirih is the Female Cosmic Christ Voice for this Age.

And You and I are the Living Stars carrying forward Her Dream today. Please enjoy the Youtube presentation of “We Are the Living Kosmic Stars” at:
Anyone interested in assisting to further develop this work please feel free to contact me: “Together We Will Fly”. (song title in Tahirih Alive! Album)

Living Love in the Living Moment
Starr* Saffa
January 2010