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In praise of the men of insight who advance My cause and assist the status of women in this Age.


Praise be upon the men who have generously made contributions to the writing of “Tahirih Thealogy: Female Christ Spirit of the Age”, its publication, distribution, and reviews. All of you are students of esoteric religion and wish to bring humanity beyond the patriarchal chains that have bound civilization for so long. You have all come from different ethnic backgrounds encompassing east and west, live in different parts of the world, hold varying posts (writers, authors, publishers, doctors, pioneers, journalists, webmasters, translators, etc.); yet you come together as spiritual leaders working to bring back the Female Wisdom to humankind. Therefore, you are standing for the full emancipation of women so as to create a balanced civilization that in the end will benefit all, men and women alike. You are shining beacons in the world of understanding and living love in all the worlds. Blessings upon Blessings, upon Blessings be upon you!

    May the Source be with you all ways!  Joyous Journey – Starr* Saffa