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The film follows the life story of a woman born in Persia in the early eighteen- hundreds with a mission to change the world. She was successful in shaking up the status quo in Her own country which eventually caused Her martyred in 1852. However, her proactive leadership is still bearing fruit globally and is as relevant to humanity today as it was to the people of Her own time. She came to do away with dogma, superstition, and corruption that had seized the people, raise the status of women, and initiate a new universal cycle for humanity. Tahirih has been equated with female heroines like the Virgin Mary, Fatima, and Joan of Arc, however, Her figure operates on many levels of existence simultaneously including having been a Messiah in Her own right in Her own time. She fulfilled prophecies. None was as clear as when she declared She was the Trumpet, the Blast, the Bugle that announces the new Christ Spirit into the world. At the same time She began a new independent religion and called for the closing of past religious Dispensations so as to begin a Universal Cycle. Tahirih is credited by many as being the Middle East’s first Feminist in that she tore off Her veil in public. It is reported that at Her martyrdom she yelled out “You can kill me as quick as you will, but you will never stop the emancipation of women!”
Tahirih is portrayed by actor Shanta Maree Surendran.
Women were kept in an illiterate state and Tahirih advocated education