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FOREWORD–REVIEW BY KEN HALEY “The Living Truth of Tahirih Qurratu’l-‘Ayn: Bringer of the Spirit of the Age”
At the beginning of her book, Starr* Saffa asserts “the Truth is Naked” and society doesn’t realize how essential it is to embrace the Living Truth as humanity advances through the ascending Cycles. Saffa explains the Earth, after being ruled by a Matriarchy and a Patriarchy, is entering a “Holiarchy,” a harmonious balance of the male and female principles of life. Saffa makes the case we have had a contemporary God/ess, and now a holistic revelation, which she calls a Holy Holiarchy, which mirrors the Teachings of the Spirit and the Word the Godhead introduced not long ago. Saffa’s book reveals a hidden Truth regarding the incarnation of the Godhead on Earth, and uncovers the constructed veils obscuring the Truth at the time the new Spirit was expected by humankind. She also explains the means by which knowledge of the Truth will set humanity on the promised transformational path.for which it has long awaited. Saffa interlaces her personal journey of discovery of the Truth into her narrative about the dawning of the Essence of the Absolute. She makes it clear that her work is upholding and unfolding the divine ‘Great Plan’ of Source, which values the emancipation of women as well as their status of equality and promotes the unitarian rather than dualistic level of male and female awareness. By utilizing colourful diagrams along with expository text, Saffa seems to harmonize her left-brain rationality with her right brain creative inspiration, making her book a must-read for those who identify with humanity’s awakening awareness, and who are open to the startling ideas revealed by the cooperative Holiarchy. ~ Ken Haley, Hot Springs, Arkansas, USA 
By Jack W. Frankel, Ph.D Treasure Island, Florida, USA
Dr. Jack Frankel is one of the world's most distinguished virologists and a student of, and well versed in, many of the religions of world. Dr. Frankel traveled extensively investigating and examining many religions. His last trip was through the Tibetan mountains where he experienced several of the rituals exercised by those who follow the Zen Path. (See Foreword end note 1). SYNOPSIS AND OVERVIEW OF “TAHIRIH THEALOGY: FEMALE COSMIC CHRIST SPIRIT OF THE AGE” Tahirih Thealogy: Female Cosmic Christ Spirit of the Age, is a writing which delineates a spiritual Path for all humankind, which in a sense is religion beyond religion. It seeks to empower and upraise the Female and thus upraise the Male in approaching a ‘balanced’ universal society. It accomplishes this intent by identifying the hitherto concealed Messianic station and figure of Tahirih, and liberating her from those who appropriated her figure for their own agenda. Tahirih appeared in Iran in 1844 along with the Bab, as a twin revelator, fulfilling many religious prophecies. However, her message was beyond the confines of orthodoxy and sought to liberate all humankind. Her message, brought to light, has the potential to unite East and West as the author has suggested. To date there has been no work done in Thealogy which includes Islamic prophecy perspectives, and thus should be ground-breaking in its assertions and proofs. While the book is well located in Spiritual Feminism, it also reaches outside of just one placement whereby it is well suited to the general population, the scholars, the gnostic, the mystic, the new-age community, the occult, the religious, the metaphysical world, and of course to Hollywood (as it has all the truth and drama for the making of a powerful movie). But above all, this work should be noted as being a serious historical biography of the life and teachings of an Iranian heroine whose life story is outlined in some of the chapters. These chapters accomplish bringing together many scattered bits and pieces about the life of Tahirih as well as information which has hitherto been obscured, and thus the book has an important and valuable historical document contained within it. Conceptually the book has meaning to the world of science as well in that it upholds the marriage of spiritual teachings with science and presents ideas for further scientific exploration. The Sociologist can not help but benefit from the research put forward in the book concerning the advanced children (starseeds) being born in this Age. All in all this book is well suited for almost everyone and every market, at least in part. The Da Vinci Code named Mary Magdalene as the Holy Grail, but this is the true story of the return of Mary Magdalene only a century and a half ago and is therefore relevant to the now and to the future. The book incorporates many writing styles, ranging from academic, to pure conversational and should find appeal, at least, in part to anyone who comes by its message. The journey through the book should lead one to self gnosis through raised conscious awareness and prepare the reader for entering the expected paradigm shift. While the chapters and the material therein may not all seem linked they are interactive in that they prepare the reader for gaining a broad view for living in the ‘now’ and being receptive to the Female Voice of our times. The book is cleverly crafted and accomplishes not only presenting a biography of the historical Tahirih but also is in many ways an autobiography of the author herself. I found the book to be not only informative but riveting – a book I could not put down. Starr Saffa is one of the most intelligent and insightful authors I have had the pleasure of reading and I believe this book will become an all time classic. Jack W. Frankel, Ph.D Treasure Island, Florida, USA October 2, 2004 Foreword end note: Dr. Jack William Frankel has been a preeminent figure in public health and medical research for past 40 years. He is recognized by his peers throughout the world as a leading authority in medical virology, having published over 150 scientific reports and authored chapters in medical virology in six text books. He is an active member of many professional organizations. His work has afforded him the opportunity to travel around the world several times lecturing in the Soviet Union, the People’s Republic of China, Europe, South America and Australia. His research has helped pave the way for treating dengue virus, yellow fever, measles, influenza, herpes, polio, and the genetic disorder of neurofibromatosis as well as cancer and identifying the link of the herpes virus to that of AIDS. In 1968 Dr. Frankel accepted the position of Deputy Director of Life Sciences Research Laboratories and an appointment as a Professor in the Department of Medical Microbiology at the University of South Florida College of Medicine in Tampa, Florida. In 1980 he became Director for the HRS Tampa Branch laboratory. When awarded the Meritorious Service Award from the Florida Public Health Association they wrote in their award announcement that “Dr. Frankel’s professional accomplishments and his contributions to society are so numerous it is not possible to mention them all in this brief narrative.” He received the Silver Star and Purple Heart for his service in the US Army.