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THE TAHIRIH PATH: – INDIVIDUAL AND COLLECTIVE OUTCOMES 1). The unfolding of the cycle of balance and harmony. 2). Inner Truth balanced with rational proofs. 3). The Living God and Goddess (Source) within the individual. 4). Continuous revelations to and through the individual. 5). Empowerment of the individual. 6). The uplifting of the female to be a balanced counterpart to the male. 7). Wholeness of female and male principles within each individual. 8). The upraising of feminine qualities in civilization. 9). The end of force as an operating principle. 10). Thought beyond religion and Thought beyond politics. 11). Being beyond Prophet-worship and dogmas of any limiting advice. 12). Power of the people to establish peace through the magnetic attraction of love. 13). Connecting with one’s True Self through awareness. 14). Knowing through personal gnosis and experience. 15). Humanity’s advancement Scientifically and Spiritually. 16). Recognizing the divine principles of life throughout the Universe. 17). Intelligent reproduction for the betterment of planetary advancement. 18). Limitless co-creation. 19). Being connected to everything. 20). Being a Living Essence of Source. *This Path needs no formalization as it follows natural Kosmic order* *Kosmic* is the Mind of Source and *Cosmic* refers to the contingent worlds of Being. 1. The unfolding of the cycle of balance and harmony. Individual Application: The people of today have been born into a time when separation from Source has ended. A personal experience with the Divine Spirit is now possible. ‘Separation’ was never the ultimate Truth. Connection with Source Knowledge is the reality, not the man-made illusions which have been holding humanity hostage for so long. Realizing the Truth, it becomes necessary for the advancement of the individual to consciously align with the energy of Source which balances, empowers, and awakens within the Divine Essence. Making this connection allows for the male and female aspects of a person to become more harmonized as they interplay internally in a state of wholeness. Experiencing wholeness brings uplifted thoughts and a peaceful mindset. Positively using both female and male characteristics internally enables and creates balance and a better understanding spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. No longer does the man-made conflict of duality and separation from Source wield power over the individual. With the body and mind coming into balance through Source energy, the individual can easily connect with the Kosmic Spiritual Laws attuning to the whole of creation through the Sacred Heart and Mind. Collective Outcomes: Collectively the world is entirely out of balance for it has been predominately the male patriarchal effects that are now dominant, and the feminine attributes and Spirit long forgotten. Almost everything that is being developed is made through force which causes a natural imbalance, thus creating the weak and the strong, the poor and the rich, the slave and the ruler, the uneducated and the educated, and so forth. When society is more balanced the extremes resulting from force becomes lessened whereby people will be able to work more harmoniously on the city, state, nation and world arenas. Without the divine Female Spirit operating equally in the world, a continuous state of war and strife will prevail. When society is in balance, creations will naturally begin to work through the magnetic attraction of love which will make dramatic changes in the socio-political environment. Therefore, all creations will be the outcome of working from the ‘love’ vibration, and to interact in society the individual will have to use love energy to exist within it. This natural mandatory level of interaction almost entirely rules out crime and dysfunction. 2. Inner Truth balanced with rational proofs. Individual Outcomes: This is one of the most important practices in the Tahirih Path because the individual is the heart of evolution for planet earth as the pivotal point of revelation. It is this inner-truth which connects the individuals to their higher selves at Source in order that they can bring these divine truths back to the earthly realm. As the individual brings these promptings from the Kosmic Mind of Source into the physical world, the individual can use the science and knowledge already existing in the world to help explain the new and ‘evolutionary developments’ unfolding. This is the process of balancing intuitive knowledge with rational proofs as the sciences expand. This one teaching allows the individual to discard erroneous man-made dogmas that begin in words and end in words, so as not to spend years stuck in unproductive belief systems restricting Kosmic Source connections. Proofs are being found to support the Quantum Mechanics on a regular basis now. New paradigms reveal advancing Sciences. Collective Outcomes: It is a progressive society when most of the people acknowledge their own inner-truth and the right to hold their truth is accepted by the society. This practice lends towards harmony within the society. When these inner revelations come through the individual into the world, rational ephemeral proofs make them more meaningful for the civilization. When the society honours the individual’s truth, then there is a natural protection from organizations or leaders trying to control the individual’s powers. In turn, when the individual is not controlled, the powers available to the collective society via the individual are expanded, and the whole civilization advances. As civilization advances the individual become self-governing and then the whole society becomes self-governing living light. 3. The Living God and Goddess (Source) within the individual. Individual Outcomes: When an individual understands the Source resides within their very being, then the feelings of alienation abate and a connection to everything becomes more realized. With this knowledge of Source within, the individual becomes aware of these inherent powers and knows he or she plays a part in creation. When a person realizes Source is within then the fear of the punishing God outside of the individual loses its power-over and frees them to fulfil their personal potential. Being part of Source Essence implies a personal responsibility as well as a responsibility towards all creation, which is the spiritual advancement of the whole. Collective Outcomes: When we have a society comprised of individuals who know they have the power of Source within, then it becomes almost impossible for a ruler to arise with the intention of trying to control the people through fear of the unknown punishing God outside of themselves. Therefore, any leadership existing in society will be one which works co-operatively with the individuals. In turn, this mutual co-operation will foster harmony between individuals and the governing leadership. This kind of relationship leads to a community working towards the highest good unhindered by the opposition of personal power-hungry agendas. 4. Continuous revelation through the individual. Individual Outcomes: When a person realizes they can be the seat of revelations coming into the world they inhabit, they then work to be in line with the Kosmic Laws which allow this process. This is a positive step for the individual to purify and align with Source Laws. Therefore, the person is on a path of spiritual growth. When knowledge or revelations from higher realms come to an individual those revelations enhance the life of the individual. In this way the process is self-perpetuating towards wholeness and perfection. Collective Outcomes: A community aware revelations of advancement come through the individual, then works to make the individual an important and integral part of the community. In turn, this arrangement fosters cooperative appreciation between the individual and the collective community. When a society works in an environment of appreciation, the revelations or knowledge coming to that society is received in the spirit of appreciation and takes on the clothing of ‘grace’. When knowledge is applied with grace it has the greatest benefit. Whereas a society bereft of grace it becomes oppressive and non-productive. Therefore, a civilization honouring the knowledge coming through the individual sets up a process where there is light upon light on the Path of an ascending civilization. 5. Empowerment of the individual. Individual Outcomes: Believing in the empowerment of the individual brings people holding this thought into connection with their true Source Self, increasing their Kosmic powers relatively. Because we are all connected within Source, it then makes sense and is logical the empowerment of each and every individual is the empowerment of the whole to which one belongs. This fosters fuller awareness in the individual of love being the power and the bonding force. The more the individual learns to use this energy in harmony with the cosmic laws of the universe the more empowered the individual becomes. This brings greater levels of happiness, peace, and joy into existence. Collective Outcomes: Civilizations which have self-empowered citizens enable their civilization to advance as it no longer has to put great sums of money and resources into rehabilitatin of its peoples because they are no longer prevented from utilizing their own natural abilities to help themselves. Empowered people are in a position which allows them to contribute to the whole in a way which benefits the whole, thus the civilization itself becomes an enlightened civilization. Empowerment of the individual makes a strong foundation for the entire Civilization. 6. The uplifting of the female to be a balanced counterpart to the male. Individual Outcomes: When the female is given the space and opportunity to develop, she demonstrates abilities in many fields and becomes a vehicle of Spirit in the world. Because men and women alike, have the female aspects within, it becomes a necessary benefit, to make sure the female aspect of every person is known and respected equally. Then all people can honour the female aspect within themselves. By uplifting the female, people in general will no longer be in separation or cut off from their own Creating Spirit. Collective Outcomes: If there is a weakness in the body, the body is not in a position to advance as best it could as if the weakness did not exist. In like manner when the female is uplifted to her full empowerment, the society will be in better alignment to achieve a higher state of balance. With the creative spirit of the female aspect developed and operating in the world, a heaven on earth is a real possibility. Society is then in a position to create a unified Holiarchy of harmony and balance. 7. Wholeness of female and male principles within each individual. Individual Outcomes: This is a divine state of homeostasis whereby the individual in a natural androgynous state, experiences and expresses in a balanced way which reflects the natural order of being. The pressures of separation and dualistic paradigms no longer exercise influence on the individual. The person can then give this misdirected energy to more productive activities of creation. * Note – ‘Female’ and ‘Male’ relates to the gender Essence within and how they work together in the wholeness of Source. Collective Outcomes: People having an understanding of what the male and female principles represent within themselves brings their understanding to the collective. In turn this will ease the battle between the sexes and the gross discrimination against women and the ‘female’ within which has prevailed in a patriarchal-minded society. 8. The upraising of feminine qualities in civilization. Individual Outcomes: A civilization without the positivity of the “feminine qualities” is out of balance, thereby allowing masculine qualities to become perverted. When the Female Essence of Source is accepted and present in a society an endless array of creation opens up to all the people. Thus balance is restored fostering the loving feminine qualities to grow and flourish, while also healing the masculine qualities to a virtuous state. Neither masculine nor feminine qualities thrive positively under the system of an unbalanced patriarchy. All people have greater potential to flourish in a civilization incorporating the creating Female Essence which inherently holds balance. From this standpoint new and uplifting revelations are attracted Collective Outcomes: An equal distribution of divine feminine and masculine qualities brings co-operation and harmony in the collective society, gives rise to advancement, and brings balanced outcomes to endeavours including artistic and technological representations. 9. The end of force as an operating principle. Individual Outcomes: With force no longer being the operating principle, oppression and many unnecessary pressures are no longer active within the society. Therefore, the members of society will be able to carry out their lives from pure pleasure in preference to exerted forced energy. Collective Outcomes: When force no longer is the operating principle, the fear factor in the home, the city, the state, the nation, and the world has become insignificant, then a new operating paradigm will be able to flourish without robbing the earth and the people, who will no longer continue to war with one another. 10. Thought beyond religion and Thought beyond politics. Individual Outcomes: The existing institutions of the religious and political realms no longer positively serve humanity as it matures and moves into a new and ascending paradigm. To move beyond the religious-political limitations the thoughts and minds of humankind need expansion and new input to grow and develop. This can be accomplished by freeing the individual from past belief systems so they can naturally and inherently connect to the Source of illumined knowledge. This knowledge is now available and being communicated to the hearts and minds of the people. The seeds of a progressive balanced purified earthly system are in view. The new paradigm restores integrity, honesty and trust among the people which is based on their inner knowing from Source. Collective Outcomes: A society which is comprised of people who are free to practice their true divine knowing is a society advancing and ascending towards Wholeness. 11. Being beyond Prophet-worship and dogmas of any limiting advice. Individual Outcome: This is a key teaching for all people living ‘now’ in this transitory time. It is the time now for people to recognize within themselves their own God Source. People continuing to worship Prophets, are subjected to obeying any artificial man-made statement and other interpretation of the Prophets sayings. Therefore, they will be cutting off their own inner promptings of Spirit. They will come to believe power is external to their own Selves losing knowledge and use of their own divine essence. When a person trusts their own knowing they then know when to hold ‘respect’ for those who appear as way-showers without falsely worshipping them. Collective Outcomes: A society consisting of individuals who are not controlled through Prophet-worship will be a society able to accomplish and carry out limitless progress because there is a continual fresh flow of revelation available to the people from Source. The test of man-made dogmas is to see if the teachings presented are limiting beliefs for the individual or society. If they are limiting, then they are man-made advices seeking to control. Let us remember the laws of ‘loving magnetic attraction’ are self-governing and is the energy of the new paradigm – so there is no need to limit the potential of positive creative living. Love energy is needed to manifest. 12. Power of the people to establish peace through magnetic attraction of love. A Harmonious Holiarchy is possible! Individual Outcomes: This is a most significant teaching of prime importance for the individual because it empowers the person to bring his or her own piece of light and knowledge to society in a way which will positively affect the world. In this way, the person becomes part of the collective’s guidelines and is supportive of those guidelines with the wish to make them work for the entire society. No longer will the individual be victim to ruthless dictatorships. The people will learn to become powerful by using loving magnetism and will discover force cannot win. Therefore, the individual will be in harmony with the law of love and the law of the land. Collective Outcomes: Society will flourish when the people have a say in the laws that govern them. Then they will want their input to be based on the laws of truth which operate from loving energy. This is divine law and it brings progress. 13. Connecting with one’s Higher Self through awareness. Individual Outcomes: Awareness lets us realize we a have a Higher Self – a Higher Self which resides at the Source level where everything is connected. Therefore, when individuals raise their awareness and have a supernatural experience, they don’t deny the experience because they are aware of their own higher states of being. This knowledge allows the individuals to reach beyond into various dimensions and bring advanced or new knowledge to their present lives. Today people can use the “Direct Connection” because the veils are now removed. Collective Outcomes: It is a win-win situation when society is made up of people who can contact their higher states. This is especially true when society uses this medium to merge the knowledge that comes through the society’s members and not just dismiss it. 14. Knowing through personal gnosis and experience. Individual Outcomes: When an individual doesn’t know something firsthand, in a state of blind faith the individual repeats someone else’s ideas. However, when an individual experiences a personal knowing supported by previous experiences, then knowledge becomes reality. Therefore, firsthand knowledge helps to make decisions true to oneself, whereas accepting knowledge second-hand in blind faith, can lend the mind to be easily manipulated. Living the stories and realities of other people without engaging one’s own conscious knowing, fosters ignorance and/or harmful belief systems. As such, blind faith may even cause an individual to carry out atrocities damaging the progress of their soul, as well as being a hindrance to the advancement of the Collective. ‘Faith’ in today’s world means conscious knowledge and active deeds. Collective Outcomes: A society comprised of people who trust their own knowing, creates a society not easily manipulated. Also, this kind of society provides an opportunity to show forth diversity for all members, in turn a true picture of the whole, as opposed to a society focused on a limited number of models in blind faith. 15. Humanity’s advancement Scientifically and Spiritually. Individual and Collective Outcomes: Science and spirituality are inextricably linked. Science is defined as knowledge, and Spirit is the essence which reveals knowledge. True science comes from the Kosmic Mind of Source by way of the divine Spirit. In this state of wholeness awareness unfolds for all humankind. False science is a man-made illusion which has no animating Spirit of Source, therefore will not prevail and become lifeless eventually. 16. Recognizing the divine principles of life throughout the Universe. Individual Outcomes: When an individual becomes aware of the Cosmic Universe being ordered and created according to a divine plan with limitless potential, the individual becomes part of limitless creation, open to accepting limitless knowledge based on divine principles. Collective Outcomes: Civilizations open to knowledge based on the divine principles progresses whereas, civilizations blinded to virtue regresses. 17. Intelligent reproduction for the betterment of planetary advancement. Individual Outcomes: Intelligent reproduction of the human species relieves people from reproducing children they may not have a calling to raise, and/or are unable to educate and bring up properly. Intelligent reproduction supports people who can nourish and develop virtues in children. Therefore, children will no longer suffer consequences of not being wanted. Children who are born on earth will be cared for and loved. Being wanted by society employs intelligent reproduction whereby each individual knows and feels part of the society and contributes positively back to society. Also, intelligent reproduction has the potential to solve over-population problems. No longer will the planet be plagued with distressed and displaced people who feel unloved and unable function in advancing civilization. Collective Outcomes: When society is not overburdened with unwanted and unloved people, disease and crime is greatly reduced. Also, by not overpopulating the planet there is enough land for everybody, therefore decreasing conflict, hunger, and war. The planet will no longer be overused and abused beyond its capacity, and pollution will lessen. 18. Limitless co-creation. Individual Outcomes: Imagine a world where people are free to manifest and create anything positively imaginable. To do so one must rely on the principles and laws of the cosmic universe and use the dynamics of the magnetic attraction of Love. Denying the use of love energy for creating will not be possible, as force will no longer work to create. Love energy is essential and integral in the unfolding paradigm. Collective Outcomes: Imagine society not spending time and money manufacturing the needs of its members because the Individuals will be able to create and meet all their own needs for themselves. Today, Love energy can call matter together in endless patterns. The direction of what to create for an advancing civilization is being drawn to the sacred hearts of the people in this new cycle. 19. Being connected to everything. Individual Outcomes: When an individual realizes the connection to Source is now possible, an elevated awareness and appreciation for life develops inside the individual, as well as sacredness for all things. *The torus design shows fields of connection. Collective Outcomes: When awareness and feelings of being connected to everything is alive in an individual, then collectively members of society have a respect for the environment and one another, therefore leading to a harmonious societal existence. When people are connected to everything, a realization of how much more is really out there, much more than they ever dreamed possible, a reality of anything is possible is formed. People can then know that everything they see, smell and touch are part of themselves, whether it is plants, oceans, mountains or whatever. Realizing individuals are a small speck in something so huge, we can begin to understand we can create anything we need as we are creators in our own right. People are very powerful living beings of Source. We are the Conscious Loving Mind of Source having adventures in the worlds of Being. In this way existence and preexistence are interactive. 20. Being the Living Essence of Source. Individual Outcomes: Humans are experiencing states of living in the world of being and are individuals who need to know what makes them alive or living. The Holy Breath inhaled is the Spirit Essence of the Source Creator. Thus, every breath an individual takes with this awareness is of the utmost importance for it is the Spirit of Love Energy from Source that is being inhaled. Individuals are not separate from Source for they are Living Source. Collective Outcomes: All of life thrives in society when there is an awareness of Living Source Essence in everything. Be the thriving Loving Essence you were born to be. *YouTube Presentation with Elizabeth Rose of the:– *Tahirih Path Twenty Points*