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Tahirih Thealogy Female Cosmic Christ Spirit of the Age Concealed No Longer Author; Starr*Saffa Publisher; Zeus Publications, Qld 2005 ISBN; 1-9210-0551-3
TheAlogy and the Tahirih Path, December 31, 2005 By Betty Butler "the Dove"
Being familiar with the Babi-Baha'i text, and also having a background in ancient Jewish and Christian scripture I was delighted with the treatment Starr* Saffa accomplished in her forward thinking creative book "Tahirih TheAlogy: Female Cosmic Christ Spirit of the Age". Saffa's research uncovers the hitherto concealed truth of Tahirih-Qurratu'l-Ayn being representative of the return Spirit of the Age in 1844, which was prophesized throughout many ancient scriptures. The book develops TheAlogy beyond where it has been by using the Female perspective to enlarge humanity's awareness in its journey towards harmony and balance as it emerges beyond the patriarchal society. Saffa covers a variety of topics in her book including chapters on Creation Stories, Quantum Physics, Levels of Existence, Tribute of the Divine Feminine, A movie script for Tahirih's life, all of which is accompanied by poems and inspirational mystical and esoteric writings. I'm putting in this review the twenty points of the Tahirih Path that Saffa has put together based on Tahirih's teachings so the reader can see some of the vision for humanity's future that the book accomplishes. The Tahirih Path celebrates 1 The coming of the cycle of balance and harmony 2 Inner truth balanced with rational proofs 3 The god/ess within the individual 4 Continuous revelation through the individual 5 Empowerment of the individual 6 The uplifting of the female to be a balanced counterpart to the male 7 Wholeness of female and male principles within each individual 8 The upraising of feminine qualities in civilization 9 The end of force as an operating principle 10 Religion beyond religion and politics beyond politics 11 Being beyond prophet worship and dogmas of any limiting advice 12 The power of and by the people in the establishment of peace through magnetic attraction of love 13 Connecting with ones higher self through awareness 14 Knowing through personal gnosis and experience 15 Humanity's advancement scientifically and spiritually 16 Recognizing the divine principles of life throughout the Universe 17 Intelligent reproduction for the betterment of planetary advancement 18 Limitless co-creation 19 Being connected to all that is 20 Being a living essence of source. This path needs no formalization as it follows natural cosmic order. Above all "Tahirih TheAlogy" can be the key to uniting East and West in today's world. Yours sincerely, Betty Butler
Fantastic!! , January 30, 2006 By Edwin Arieh (Chicago) I found this book enchanting and exhilarating, the depths of spiritual riches contained in this book are unbelievable. The talented, and bright new author, Starr Saffa, shows beautifully how Tahirih, a revolutionary figure in 19th century Iran, is a spiritual master at the level of Moses, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha and other such figures. I could not out this book down. Book Review of Tahirih Thealogy: Female Cosmic Christ Spirit of the Age” Concealed No Longer! By Starr* Saffa Page 74 Rainbow News *December ‘05/January ‘06 This book is titled Tahirih TheAlogy as opposed to theology, because it introduces the Divine Feminine message of God in the contemporary zeitgeist of our times, beginning in the 1840’s when Tahirih opened the door to a new dispensation for the collective life of humankind – the manifestation of the Goddess after centuries of suppression by the paternal era and backlashes of the patriarchal constructs. Tahirih was the one who tore off her veil and was put to death proclaiming the Goddess in spiritual feminine essence. Her death brought about a Goddess revival, a protest against the patriarchal tyranny in the East. Her purpose was to bring together the divisions of humankind into one unity. Starr* tells her story alongside Tahirih’s to weave a message for the new dimensions of time. For too long religions have been a form of control, a means to disconnect the individual from their true selves. This book takes you through the various perspectives, not disclosed before. She covers Rudolph Steiner’s predictions and philosophy, the knowledge of the Tau, Star Children, along with an identity kit for recognizing your star child. Published by Zeus Publications. Fax: **61 788755 142, htpp// ISBN 1-9210-0551-3 $29.95 Dr. Charmaine Saunders speaks about “Tahirih TheAlogy” When I was asked to say a few words at Starr's book launch, I didn't feel qualified to speak in depth about the content so I chose to discuss the writing process. Having penned 6 books myself, I feel like an old veteran in the publishing war. I had a dream beginning to my life as an author insofar as a publisher approached me rather than the other way round. He was from Singapore and after the book was a physical reality, he left me with 2000 copies in boxes and returned to his own country. It fell to me to promote the book and I knew zero about marketing. Somehow, through persistent door-knocking, I got myself on The Midday show and into newspapers and on radio. In the end, overtime, we sold 10,000 copies of that first book. It was incredibly hard work so I'm always happy to help out any new writers with tips, leads, contacts, shortcuts, whatever can make the journey easier. Writing is, by its very nature, a solitary pursuit. It requires great self-belief to take an idea you've birthed and make it into something tangible, something you have created out of your soul and now have to hand over to strangers - publishers, editors, distributors, booksellers and scariest of all, readers! People who are going to judge your work objectively and perhaps harshly. It is your baby and you can't expect anyone else to believe in your child, your dream unless you do; in fact, writing a book is a lot like birthing. When I wrote my first book, I used an electronic typewriter and not being a typist, found it very difficult. The friend who shared my house at the time was an unemotional, scientific type and would often come home to see me at the typewriter, with tears streaming down my face, saying, `This is like giving birth - it hurts!' On top of all this, Starr has chosen to write a revolutionary book, one that will divide opinion and divide people, create discussion and argument, maybe even offend and provoke criticism. This takes a special brand of courage. I've come to understand in life that it's not being right or wrong that matters, not being conventional or rebellious, but being true to your own inner voice, finding the courage to speak that truth, no matter what. Starr has courage to spare and is a walking embodiment of her name - she already is a star! Dr. Charmaine Saunders Perth, Australia August 2005 Order from on line Click here to go to Amazon
Review by Ken Haley
Starr Saffa introduces Tahirih Thealogy with this challenge: “You may think that this book has little to do with you or your reality.” “That’s right,” my conscious mind interjected, but in a matter of pages I realized that Ms. Saffa’s inspired argument has very much to do with my reality. Thealogy is described as the Divine Female Mouthpiece of God, with Tahirih (aka Qurratu’l-Ayn) the exemplar of that station in the present age. Baha’is of course are familiar with Tahirih, one of the Letters of the Living who first recognized the station of the Bab, the precursor to Baha’U’llah, the founding messenger of the Baha’i movement. Ms. Saffa posits the theory that Tahirih’s purpose and influence reach beyond the parenthetical corner of religious history that Baha’i writers have restricted her. Tahirih “closed the past and opened the door to a new Dispensation for the collective life of humankind,” Ms. Saffa declares, and adds, “Her true station as a Manifestation of God/ess… has hitherto been mostly concealed.” Concealed no longer. “Tahirih Thealogy” rips the veil off the premise by most world religions (including Baha’i) that Messengerhood is a bonding of a male God with a male Manifestation. Ms. Saffa produces a joyful reconfiguration of that notion, and raises the banner of Spiritual Feminism through an enlightening array of historical examples and spiritual research. My reality hasn’t been the same since. Ken Haley Ken’s bio and credentials:
Baha’i since birth. Foreign pioneered to Honduras and Mexico. Homefront pioneered to Arizona. Currently resides in Eugene, Oregon. Baha’i administrative posts held: Local Assemblies: Bisbee, Arizona; Ensenada, Mexico; San Jose, California. Teaching committees: Tulsa, Oklahoma; Southern Arizona; Baja California, Mexico. Border Liaison in northern Mexico. Indigenous Liaison in Baja California, Mexico. Writing achievements: Five unpublished novels. Several published poems. Newspaper reporter and columnist for Bisbee Review. Completed two courses at Institute of Children’s Writing. Certificate Program for Translator at the University of California at San Diego. Brochure designer at Maxwell International Baha’i School. Translator for El Ruiseñor Baha’i magazine. Travels: Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Israel, Canada.
ANDREW CARTER OF CANADA As a modern follower of Tahira, "Resurrection and Renewal" has my highest recommendation. This book, along with Starr Saffa's "Tahirih Thealogy," is essential reading for students of religion, minorities, and social change. Ya Tahira! Spiritual Reading Delight, December 6, 2005 Reviewer: Gallador the Red "Red" (Canada) This is an inspiring account of a soul on fire with the love of the great spiritual figure Tahirih, encountering continuation of dominating frozen masculine hierarchical structures even within alleged global spirituality and the author's breaking out of the shell of outdated stereotypes into the New Day. This is an indispensable read for all interested in feminine aspect of deity, Tahirih's miraculous existence and human capacity to transform from patriarchal force to more balanced and inclusive human harmony. Tahirih's Light Shines Bright Still, December 25, 2005 Reviewer: K. Haley Whoever Wahid Azal is, he sure misses the point of Starr Saffa's inspired work, Tahirih Thealogy. The author of this thoughtful book has discovered a connection to the spirit of Tahirih that rewards those familiar with Tahirih's enchantment with fresh awareness and amazement. I commend Ms. Saffa's courage in laying bare this spiritual testimony, and will continue to find pearls of wisdom and delight in her book for the rest of my life.
My name is Betty Butler. I am familiar with Saffa’s “Tahirih Thealogy” as well as with the Babi-Baha’i text which gives me an informed position for commenting on Badi Villar Cardenas’s review. Cardenas’s review put a lot of emphasis on questioning Saffa’s claim of Tahirih’s Primal Pointhood. Therefore, his review of Tahirih Thealogy is disappointing in that it does a disservice to the “Proofs and Evidences” chapter of Tahirih’s messianic status that Saffa brilliantly developed and outlined with compelling evidences and reasoning. Sure more and more proofs can eventually be compiled. However, Cardenas basically slides past this chapter as if it was almost non-existent except for a brief mention of Tahirih being the return of Fatima that Saffa points out. Even in this instance he fails to mention that Saffa cited several instances in Baha’i writings and literature where it is confirmed that Tahirih was referred to as the return of Fatima. This should be no surprise to a reviewer as it is well known that Abdu’l-baha likens Tahirih to the Virgin Mary and Fatima who both hold religious status and are associated with such titles as ‘Mother of God’, ‘Mother of the World’ and the like. I was also disappointed with Cardenas’s indifference to the metaphysical aspects of Revelatory Disclosure which made it convenient for his review to omit Tahirih’s proclamation that she is the “Word that the Promised One utters” that she made at the Conference of Badasht. Anyone familiar with the phrase “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word is God” will easily begin to understand the implications of this prophetic utterance. The Bab ratified all that Tahirih inaugurated and told all the members of the Babi community to submit to her as all were unable to comprehend her station. As Saffa explains elsewhere Tahirih, the Point of Divine Knowledge, knew and had written down the Words of the Surih of Joseph long before Siyyid Ali Muhammad penned them for Mulla Husayn. When the Bayan, which was proclaimed by the Bab (Qa’im) is taken into account then it becomes clearer that Tahirih is the foundation Word that the entire Baha’i Faith makes its claim upon (Mother Book). Cardenas brings some interesting historical research to the review which in some ways support Saffa’s revealing of Tahirih’s equal and interactive station with the Bab; but by omission of information, influence of the present day Bahai lens, and confusion of timing the support ends up withdrawn and perhaps accomplishing the opposite. I hope Saffa will address these points some in her response to Cardenas
Starr* Saffa's TQA (Tahirih Qurratu'l-'Ayn) video book review
Review by Georgia Efford This unusual book inquires into many questions, one of which is “What does the Evolution of Humankind owe to the Divine Feminine?” This is Thealogy, not Theology. Author Starr* Saffa investigates this as a researcher in to the life of a woman virtually unknown to the Western world, Tahirih-Qurratu’l-Ayn. Starr* not only produces fascinating details of this charismatic woman who lived in Iran and Iraq between 1814 – 1852 (when she was martyred), she also states that she, Starr*, is the living representative of Tahirih now. She describes her own adventurous life and the spiritual studies and experiences which give validity to this claim. Tahirih was an highly accomplished spiritual leader, educated in the Koran and legal matters. She taught with her twin soul, a man called the Bab, in announcing the new era of gender equality and of direct communication for each person with the Source, rather than the commonly held view of communications through the imams or mullahs. She forthrightly declares herself of God and eventually removes her veil. In 1840 this was enough for a man to slit his throat at the sight of a woman’s face which, according to the records, this is what actually happened. She wrote poetry, composed songs, people gathered to hear her powerful revolutionary speeches. It is historically interesting to notice that at the same time as her declarations of freedom for all women, a Women’s Rights Convention in New York was held. Author Starr* is imbued with the spirit of Tahirih and throughout the book seeks to reveal her brilliance and truth. The theme is of “She Whom God Will Make Manifest”. She includes the screen play for a film about Tahirih’s life and the relevance to women today. At the recent public launching of the book at the Alexander Library in Perth, Western Australia, on 3rd August, Starr*, with veiled face, performed the story of Tahirih with great energy and purpose. Tahirih is seen as bringing into being the Cosmic Christ Spirit of the present time of the Cycle of Balance. Starr* supports her argument with reference to Rudolf Steiner and other spiritual writers. In fact the book reflects the years of serious study made by Starr*, her fascinating life spent with many ethnic cultures around the world, her closeness to Persian communities and the Baha’i faith, her wide ranging education enabling her to include chapters on quantum physics linked with esoteric spiritual studies. She admonishes the current Baha’i leadership of neglecting the vital input by Tahirih into their faith and of refusing to allow women into their highest global council. Her personal experiences here must have provided the fire for Starr* to ignite the revolutionary in herself. The Internet now enables private research and collaboration with other scholars to reach new heights. With Starr* this resource is profoundly deepened by recording her channelling of and spiritual identification with Tahirih. What makes this book unusual is that it can be seen as two simultaneous “autobiographies”, embellished with prayers, exultations, guidance, songs, poetry, screen play and random experiences of women and men who Starr* sees as influential in bringing in the new Cycle of Balance. Tahirih exists above an ancient landscape peopled with the hundreds of forms of the God/ess and continues her work through Starr*. If Tahirih is a diamond, Starr* reveals its’ nature by polishing the facets of cultural and spiritual history, physics, recorded speeches, contemporary commentaries, poetry and direct channelling. In doing this polishing, Starr* is not afraid to reveal herself with courage, and shows the Arabic meaning of her name ‘Saffa’ is “steadfast” or “rock”, or in Persian, “the pervading wave of harmony”. They are two fascinating entwined stories.