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The Symbol of Tahirih was fashioned to feature humanity’s present journey of ascension and therefore does not focus on formative stages, although it incorporates them. Tahirih was the returned Christ Spirit who animated the Bab (meaning Gate), marking the beginning of humanity taking its upward flight towards spiritual evolution. Today we can all be letters of the Living (essences who recognize the Primal Point of ascension)
All existence and pre-existence are contained within the sacred symbol of the Tahirih Path:
Throughout time humanity has made use of sacred symbols which contain the Mysteries of Life. Often the secrets these symbols have contained were only known to a few. In this day the hidden truths of these symbols are being made known to all as this time marks the beginning of humanity’s ascension, and the capacity of humanity to comprehend the hidden meanings has increased. Thus symbols are being recombined and integrated into a synergy to form new representations of meaning. As such, in this Second Cycle of Tahirih in the Cycle of Balance, we have a new sacred motif. EXPLANATIONS As a background to the meanings in the Tahirih Path Symbology let us keep in mind that “Tahirih” means “Pure”. Her effect was so purifying that people would bring their food to her to purify before they ate. Also, let us keep in mind that the first part of Her title “Taa” according to the Abjad numbering system equates to the sacred number “9” (unity, fulfillment and harmony). As we move through the explanations of the symbol, we will see other correlations. The “Tau” Symbol There are two “Tau” representations within the Tahirih Path Sacred Symbol, both having various meanings. One is the base of the triangle with the connecting vertical line that moves to the point of the pyramid; the other is the vertical line which connects with the nine-pointed star atop the pyramid. I will explain some of their primary functions in the Tahirih symbol. The Tau shape comes from the nineteenth letter of the Greek alphabet (T) and in ancient times was considered the symbol of life. It forms a cross that is associated with the ancient Egyptians, Druids, Christians, and Freemasons. In Freemasonry a circle which means eternity is combined with it as a sign of immortality. The Ankh is also a form of the Tau. It can be seen in the following imagery: The Crucifix, The Eucharistic Chalice, The Monstrance (sign of Christ), The Hawk of Horus, The Tree of Knowledge, The Cabalistic Tree, the Menorah, The Rosy Cross, The Bohdi Tree, The Hindu Tree of Life and Knowledge (symbol of the divine life of the Universe), The Caduceus (symbol of healing and the physician’s Hermetic art). There are stages of mind inclusive in the Tau symbol and the continuation of life. The vertical line represents the inner nature of the individual intelligence. When the top bar is at the top it insures the individual an ongoing of soul or eternal life. The Top bar in Tahirih iconography is the nine-pointed star which forms the Tau or Tree of Life. The bottom line of the pyramid connecting with the vertical line of the Tau in the Tahirih Symbol is more in conformity with Rudolph Steiner’s explanation in his book the Temple Legend (pp 148-165). It is the top half of the cross indicating humankind as a whole ascending away from materiality. The bottom line in this explanation is the animal cycle, and was a necessary interim cycle before beginning humanity’s ascension in what the Hopi Indians call the cycle of the human (‘hu’ meaning spirit in ‘man’). Thus the bottom of the cross symbolizing the descent of man into materiality has now come to a close. Of course this was one of the major functions of Tahirih’s appearance – to signal the closing of the past and open the Path to humanity’s Shift towards ‘Spirit’. The Tau is perhaps the oldest known symbol, one that is related to ‘resurrection’ through ‘immersion’. One of the earliest examples is that of the ancient continent of Mu, as spoken of by Colonel J. Churchward in his book “The Lost Continent”. As we know land surfaces have all been under water at one time or another before being purified and then resurrected to become a new creation. So we see ‘purification’ is an important process for humanity. The Motherland (the beginning) was known as Tau and still is today. The name means “the stars which bring water” (Ta = stars, and ‘ha’ = water). The Marquessans pronounce it today as ‘Ta-ha’ meaning pure motherland or beginning. When the Southern Cross stars would position over Mu it would signify the time of the rainy season which would bring fruitage to the parched land. In the same way Tahirih brought purification for a new fruitage in humanity. The Tau hieroglyph in the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead makes it clear that ‘Tau’ means “holy or sacred gate, or holy sacred opening”. This is significant to Tahirih as She was a ‘Gate’ or Point’ of a new beginning of inner knowledge and awakened consciousness. Because Tahirih has a direct link with the Creating Impulse, the following is of interest and pertinent to the Tahirih Symbol: *Tula the Great Mother* William Henry wrote the following about TULA, The Center of the Milky Way Galaxy. TAU is an anagram within the word itself. “No matter where the word Tula appeared it represented the Great Mother. Her lore dominated the thinking of the ancients who believed our souls came from Tula and our mission on earth was to learn to return to Tula. Simultanelusly, we were to turn the Earth herself into a Tula. Jesus called this the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. It is the awareness of the original concepts of Tula, including those of Jesus, that we are now being asked to absorb … According to Greek myths, this heart of Tula beats and vibrations spread throughout the Galaxy. This Central Sun, TULA, is a fountain of healing energy, ‘healing waters’ or ‘living waters’. It is even considered to be the Holy Grail itself.” Stars When we see the star symbol it usually indicates the sacred vibrations of light emanating in creation, or the divine spark of light within the individual. The five-, six-, and nine-pointed stars are considered especially sacred. The eight- pointed star is the star of Inanna, the Mother or Queen of Heaven. Any profane meanings falsely assigned to stars (witchcraft etc.) are not relevant to this writing, and in fact through this writing and others, have been resacralized in speaking the truth. Pentagram (five-pointed star)& Infinity Sign The five-pointed star is actually the symbol of Babism. In shape it is representative of the human being. The lower points are humanity’s legs standing on the earth while the middle points are the arms which are a harmonizing balance. The upper point reaches towards the Eternal Spirit. It is a sign of protection and holds within it the names of God/ess. There were two main Manifestations that formed the core of the Primal Point (The Bab, and Tahirih, male and female). The two pentagrams in the Tahirih symbol represent the return of the Bab and Tahirih (as representations of everyone) in this day. In this iconology they are encapsulated in separate circles, indicating that each person is complete within itself, possessing the male and female aspects – a whole being, as it was in the beginning, before the male separated out of the female body. The circles join, showing the joint and symbiotic relationship. The joining of the circles of completeness also forms an infinity sign (the image of God/ess made Whole and connected to all that Is throughout all time). Five-pointed stars have always been indicative of the yin and yang principles. Some more interesting facts about five-pointed stars: The five-pointed star has been known to be used as far back as 4000 BC. It was used as a sign of royalty, a sign for protection, as a sign of humanity reborn, study of the mysteries of life (including the mystical), the elements, and the Buddha used it as a sign of enlightenment. It is also called the endless knot in that it can be drawn without ever lifting the pen continuously, embedding a five-pointed star within a five-pointed star, spiraling into infinity. Therefore the five-pointed star is integral in sacred geometry configurations. Nonagram or Nine-pointed Star The sacred nine-pointed star indicates balance, order and perfection as it is the last digit in the numbering system before repetition. It is also a symbol of stability and achievement. Other positive words associated with nine are: selflessness, fulfillment, completion, wholeness, universality, universal understanding, interrelatedness, compassion, idealism, tolerance, forgiveness, generosity, benevolence, humanitarianism, emotionalism and justice. The Taoist and Hindu use nine-fold spiritual systems. It is representative of the Trinity often indicated by three triangles forming the nine points. The number nine was considered sacred by many ancient civilizations. Those who are inspired by humanitarian and universal truths are said to be influenced by the number nine. The Nine-pointed star atop the pyramid in the Tahirih Path symbol signifies humanity achieving immortality in this world and connects them to the Cosmos and the Eternal Source. The Pyramid & Triangle The Pyramid has long been associated with esoteric knowledge and practice. The pyramid configuration conforms to sacred geometry (golden mean), and attracts potent energies when the solar, lunar, and stellar aspects are in particular alignment. The shape causes the Spirit to flow evenly, acting as conduit for spiritual awakening. While it has been shown that food and animal bodies do not decay within the pyramid, it had more profound usages for the ancient adepts. It is not widely known, but is alluded to through studies of mummification: it actually worked as a chamber for rejuvenation, whereby people could live hundreds of years when properly utilizing the knowledge of the pyramid. In other words, the Spirit could leave the body and then return to it in a rejuvenated state (eternal youth). At some juncture this knowledge must have been lost or no longer practiced … we have only the mummified bodies which allude to this practice. The triangle of a pyramid is like a sacred mountain which has the Axis Munde or Tree of Life contained within its configuration. It is also associated with the Hall of Records. In the Tahirih symbol the pyramid or triangle represents this purification and immortality available to all people as they make their evolutionary journeys. Circle There are several circles within the Tahirih Path Symbol and are used, as they have been throughout history, as an icon of perfection, completeness, oneness, and indivisibility of the Universe. Flower of Life The flower of life, also called the Seed of Life (Metatron Cube) is the pattern that is seen in all life, and thus is a sacred geometric symbol. It is said to be the fabric of the universe and is visible at all cellular levels. It is formed by the intersection of circles and often forms the hexagon flower or star. It contains the Akashic Records or information of the Platonic Solids from which all life springs. It has often been seen sketched on ancient walls. You will see the flower of life as a background pattern in the Tahirih symbol to indicate ‘living’ and ‘alive’ generating impulses. Love Love is the indivisible force of the universe, and as such, in Tahirih symbology, it is represented by the pure white spaces in the pyramid and in the circle in the nine-pointed star. Time Line The Time Line in the Tahirih Symbol is the vertical line within the pyramid. It shows humanity’s ascension. When humanity reaches the apex at the place where the line joins the nine-pointed star, ascension will be achieved, whereby it will be heaven on earth. Humanity as whole has two more cycles to complete to reach this point. Primal Point & Portal The Primal Point is the white circle in the nine-pointed star, for it is from that dot that the Spirit creates and vivifies humanity. The circle is also the portal to higher realms and merging back to Source. Sun The Sun in the Tahirih Symbol is the nine-pointed star as it radiates all Perfection in all directions. The Tao, or way, for humankind is to climb the Tree of Life to the Sun in order that it may traverse the universe and find its way back home. As people meditate on the sacred symbol of the Tahirih Path, they will feel peace and harmony as it connects them with the oneness of all that Is. Ya Tahirih!